This CD is the first recording ever devoted entirely to Anthony Poole’s works. Accordingly we have aimed to present as wide as possible a cross-section of his work.

However, his musical output probably included a large number of improvisations. Fortunately for us, some of them were judged worthy of being written down. As a result, at least some traces survive of what must have been a virtuoso art of improvisation. In addition there exists a repertoire of dance suites in the French style for the viol. Poole composed in both styles, as well as using the viol in ensemble pieces, such as the Sonata a 3 that opens this CD, in which the influence of the Austro-Italian stylus phantasticus is clearly recognisable. English divisions, French dance music, Italian stylistic traits: Anthony Poole’s compositions also reflect his life story, and in this sense his music can be described as Flemish, since it is clearly situated at that crossroads of cultural influences where North and South, Protestant and Catholic met.

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