About Musica Ficta

Musica Ficta is a label devoted to early music and was launched in 2004. The artistic direction of Musica Ficta rests with Bernard Mouton. Mouton is a specialist in early music and has also occupied a prominent place in the Belgian music scene for a number of years.

Early music – actually a collective term for various styles and movements – occupies an important place in the contemporary musical landscape. The pioneers to whom we owe this renaissance of our musical past, have passed on the knowledge and experience they gained in the past decades to the next generations. Early music is now taught in music conservatories. With this education as a basis, the young generation is bringing a new impetus to the early music movement.

Despite all historical criteria, the interpretation remains dependent on the sensitivity of the contemporary musician. It is the musical discourse that appeals to us. We are moved by the character, the temperament and the colours that the musician gives to his interpretation. That is why Musica Ficta places the performer at the centre of the creative process.

The concept of musica ficta can be found in theoretical treatises of the 13th century. The term refers to the rules concerning whether or not to raise certain notes in a modal composition. It is the task of the musicians to try to apply these rules. In practice, the specialists do not always agree among themselves, and then it is up to the musician to choose; that is where his personality comes into play. Who is right? Do we really need to answer this question? What touches us, what pleases us: these questions seem more interesting.

Musica Ficta is developed into three or four CD projects per year, for which musicians, chosen for their commitment and musical qualities, are brought together around artistic projects, interesting both in terms of repertoire and approach. It is a series in which the interpretation of early music within a contemporary context is central.

Latest releases on Musica Ficta

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