La Caccia

La Caccia is a collective of musicians dedicated to the rich repertoire of the Renaissance in its widest ramifications, under the artistic direction of Patrick Denecker. Attracted by the clear sonority of reed players, the ensemble initially modelled itself after the alta cappella formations of the 15th and 16th century. By virtue of experimenting new insights and sound experiences were discovered. La Caccia grew into an ensemble that sheds light on different aspects of the Renaissance, also by forming soft consorts (bassa cappella) and by working with singers. With a view to adequately programming its concerts, La Caccia can count on a team of internationally renowned musicologists and always sticks to its guns in terms of recognizing the locus, the time, the entourage and certain imponderabilia as tremendously important for the impact of a performance. La Caccia occasionally collaborates with other ensembles such as the Capilla Flamenca, graindelavoix and Musica Temprana. La Caccia is very much present at the most important national and international festivals.

Recordings on Musica Ficta

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