Jacques Duponchel

Jacques Duponchel was a French composer and organist. The first reliable biographical evidence relating to the life and career of this composer dates from 1663. Before that, everything is supposition. He was probably born in Douai, north of Pas-de-Calais, France. In his hometown he took the position of organist and choirmaster. He began his musical career in Lower Austria. He joined the Capuchin Friars and briefly was court organist of the Dukes of Bavaria in Bonn in 1651, and later settled permanently in Italy where he worked for Cardinal Antonio Bichi. From 1663 to 1665 he was organist at the Cathedral of Osimo (Ancona) and choir conductor of the Franciscan convent in that city. He also served for two years, in the same position in the Roman Basilica of the Holy Apostles. Later he returned to Osimo. He died in 1685.

Recordings on Musica Ficta

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