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Jean-Marie Leclair
Six sonates en trio pour deux violons et la Basse Continue, Oeuvre IV
Marieke Bouche, violin
Guillaume Humbrecht, violin
Nicolas Crnjanski, cello
Julie Blais, harpsichord
The trio sonata originated in Italy and was extensively used by Corelli and Vivaldi.
Leclair had a special talent which declared itself very early on in his instrumental output and especially in Op.4. The slow movements of this collection display a contrapuntal sense unique in the French music of the time, a feel for the long phrase that justifies his nickname of ‘the French Bach’ – or “Everything announces him as the French Corelli”, according to Charles-Henri de Blainville
In this collection abounding in formal innovations and timbral experiments, Leclair is careful not to overload the harmonic language. And so French flowers of new colours bloomed in Corelli’s classical garden!

MusicWeb International
Johan van Veen
The members of the Ensemble Rosasolis have found the right approach to these sonatas. Their performances are not devoid of brilliance and technically they leave nothing to be desired. However, the content of these sonatas is always in the centre: the artists avoid exaggerations in the ornamentation department, exactly as Leclair required, and the smoothness and elegance which was the feature of the composer's own playing comes certainly to the fore here. This disc makes for more than an hour of pleasant listening. These trio sonatas are excellent stuff, and the Ensemble Rosasolis manages to put that across with verve.

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