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Martin Codax (XIIIe)
Cantiga de amigo

Carole Matras, voice & harp
Bernard Mouton, recorders
Thomas Baeté, fiddle
Michaël Grébil, cister, oud, fiddle
Vincent Libert, percussions

The courtly lyric which appeared in Southern France at the beginning of the 12th century became popular not only in France, but right across Europe. The special connections between the Occitan kingdoms and those of nearby Spain, along with the art of the Galician poets and minstrels, gave rise to an original courtly tradition in the Gallego-Portuguese language. As with the poetry of the troubadours, several genres can be distinguished, among them the cantiga de amigo, characterised by a text expressing the thoughts and feelings of a young woman who misses her absent beloved. Of the 10 cantigas de amigo presented on this disc, seven are attributed to Martin Codax, a poet about whom practically nothing else is known. Unusually, these seven songs, rediscovered at the beginning of the 20th century, appear to constitute a cycle: a young woman looks out over the sea at Vigo (a city in Galicia), sometimes hoping for her beloved’s return, sometimes lamenting or expressing her helplessness at her solitude. Only six of these seven cantigas have been preserved with their melodies, and these represent the sole musical testament of the genre.

Musicweb International
Gary Higginson
As you have gathered I am full of admiration for these performances. The recording has a natural glow due to the church acoustic. The documentation is complete with photos and texts and it all comes in a cardboard holder with a slipcase for the booklet. I do hope that you can track it down.

Le Soir
Xavier Flament
On est d'emblée fasciné par les enluminures orientales de ces « Cantigas de amigo » : des chants courtois gallégo-portugais du XIIIe siècle que nous livre Fin' Amor. On regrettera sur la longueur un manque de variété et de profondeur dans l'approche vocale de Carole Matras. Mais le raffinement est bien au rendez-vous, dans les cistres, l'oud, la vièle et les percussions de Michaël Grébil.

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