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 The musicians of ClubMediéval were drawn together by a shared passion for late Middle Ages music. Under the direction of Thomas Baeté, they weave a delicate web from polyphonic lines, and draw the listener into it.
They believe that the search for authentic performance is as much a scientific undertaking as a poetic one, and that 'truth' in performance is found in joining both aspects to the personal authenticity of the performer.

They find that the Late Middle Ages repertoire has a relevant place in our time, and they hope to help the listener feel this also. Their concert programmes have been well received, and indeed the group's début earned them a nomination for Klara Radio's promising newcomers in 2010. ClubMediéval is based in Brussels, but brings together singers and instrumentalists from seven European countries.

MF8017 Amor, tu solo'l sai. Ballate e Madrigali
Paolo da Firenze
Amor, tu solo'l sai. Ballate e Madrigali


Thomas Baeté direction artistique

Paoloʼs musical language is in tension between two poles: the eccentrically abstract and hypersensitive mannerism of late Gothic art, against the simple beauty and straightforward nature of the upcoming humanism of the Renaissance.


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