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Jean-Luc Impe

MF8010 Spiritual parodies and spirituality in parodies
Spiritual parodies and spirituality in parodies
Céline Scheen, soprano

Catherine Daron, traverso
Gail-Ann Schroeder, viole de gambe
Eriko Semba, viole de gambe
Ricardo Rodriguez Miranda, viole de gambe
Dimitri Dumon, percussion
Jean-Luc Impe, archiluth & direction

Under the impulse of the Counter-Reformation, the Roman Catholic Church decided to appropriate the most popular among the secular songs of the time and to set them to new lyrics, thus creating so-called “spiritual parodies” that would be more conducive to meditation and more effective for home praying. In parallel emerged a naughty or even licentious literature revelling in stigmatizing the French clergy’s shortcomings, while mocking gently the lascivious aspirations of certain religious congregations.

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